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We have a passion for helping people achieve great results
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Why do clients achieve great results with Sydney City Personal Training?


  • Direction
  • Motivation
  • Education
  • Variation

We believe these principles are linked, and are the key to training success.
Many people don’t get the results they want from exercise, and ultimately quit. This is often due to not having the right direction needed from the start.

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Training Tips

Make It Up

We all need to set ourselves regular targets for the amount of exercis… read more…

I have achieved my goals, and find that the level and intensity of our sessions is progressed at the correct pace. I never feel pushed too hard but I am always challenged! Sebastien also sets clear challenges for the work-outs I undertake by myself, and he supports me outside of our personal training sessions... –Shona Reeve (RGN)

Since meeting Sebastien and starting my first PT session he has helped me realize what I have been doing wrong for so many years. Unless you are 100% committed to training you will not see results. Prior to training with Sebastien I couldn’t walk without being out of breath and hated exercise. Now 18 months on I am running and have lost nearly 30kg! –Adam Ward

I would like to relay how wonderful a trainer Sebastien is. He has been excellent in helping me achieve my goals and developing my enthusiasm for training. He is extremely knowledgeable about the body, and has helped me improve arm strength as my right arm had weakened after an elbow surgery. He has also helped me to lose over 15kg’s, and keep it off... –Rachel Markus

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