Training Tip of the Week

Don’t Make Excuses

One of the most common excuse’s we all use is “I don’t have time”.

With work commitments and family, it can be difficult to fit in exercise as well.

However the bottom line is if we want to achieve results and maintain them, we need to find the time, or more importantly make time in our lives to exercise.

If we are not willing to try and find time in our life to exercise, then we are probably not very serious about improving our fitness and health.

We all know that if we want to do something enough, we will make sure we find time to do it!

Everybody has time to exercise. The US President regularly exercises. Being one of the busiest men in the world, he still makes time.

The key is to think ahead each week, and schedule time for training.

Once we have established good habits of regular exercise, it is much easier to maintain.

Time is one of the many excuses we all use.

Don’t find reasons why you can’t exercise, but instead reasons why you can!


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