Training Tip of the Week

Find A Training Partner

Training with a friend has many advantages. Statistics have shown that people who train with a partner have significantly higher adherence rates to exercise, are more motivated, and achieve better results than people who train by themselves.

Whether we train in pairs or in larger groups, this dynamic can help to push and motivate us.

If you want to improve your training and results, find a training buddy. This could be a friend, work colleague, or family member. Good training partners are people who are similar to you, with similar goals and abilities. Training with a fitter partner can also be a great way to push you to improve your own limits.

However the ultimate training partner is a Personal Trainer!

Personal Training is all about you and your goals. A Personal Trainer will push you, motivate you and educate you about training. They are experienced in what training is really effective, and can save you years of trial and error.

Don’t waste your time or effort. If you want to achieve great results from exercise, get yourself a trainer. It will one of the best investments you ever make!


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