Training Tip of the Week

Get The Right Shoes

Wearing the correct shoes for your training is vital! Everybody has different feet, which strike the ground in different ways. If your shoe is not right for your foot this can result in discomfort or injury, and not just to your feet. Problems with ankles, knees, hips or lower back are commonly caused from incorrect support. When running we experience force approx 3 or 4 times our body weight through our legs and feet. Other types of exercise (e.g exercise classes, sport etc) can have similar impact on our joints.

Make sure your shoes are right for you! This means not just picking a pair of shoes off the shelf that you like the look of. Shoes need to be fitted correctly for your feet, and be tailored to suit the way your foot uniquely impacts the ground. The best idea is to buy shoes in a store that will assess your foot strike and size, and suggest the correct shoe for you. There are many specialist running stores that will correctly assess your feet. A store like Athletes Foot will also assess your feet to find you the right shoe.

If you’re current shoes are over 18 months old and well worn, they may no longer be providing you enough support. It may be time to buy some new shoes!


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