Training Tip of the Week

Know Your Numbers

Be aware of what your personal bests are!

For example; how far you row in 15 minutes, or how far you run in 30 minutes, or how much weight you lift in the gym, or how many sit-ups ups you can do etc.

Its important that we are aware of these numbers, and that we try to regularly improve them.

If you are not aware of these benchmarks, chances are you will be training at the same intensity long term, you will not be improving, and your body and fitness will not be progressing!

If your training numbers don’t regularly improve, neither will your fitness or your body!


Also be aware of what your weight is. This doesn’t mean obsessing over it daily, but check it once a week, or once a fortnight. Your weight is a good indicator of your training effectiveness and your diet. If you are doing things right, your weight should reflect that.

If you are oblivious to your weight or you ignore it, you may look at it in the future and get a nasty shock!


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