Training Tip of the Week

Plan Ahead Every Week

Think ahead! In order to regularly complete your training, you need to plan your exercise schedule each week. Training consistency requires being organised.

At the start of each week look at your work and family commitments for that week, and organise when you will fit in your  training. Do this at the start of each week, not on Wednesday or Thursday, as by mid week you may be running low on time to fit in all your training.

If you want to exercise at the same times each week that’s great for establishing good habits and routine. But be flexible. You may not always be able to train at exactly the same times each week. Things will come up, and your commitments will regularly change.

Try and do at least one or two workouts by Wednesday each week. Completing sessions at the start of the week will mean you have more flexibility later that week if unexpected commitments arise. Being organised is the key to not missing workouts.


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