Training Tip of the Week

Three Keys to Achieving Results

1) Train Well

To maximise your training make sure you challenge yourself, and mix things up!

Exercise at an intensity that is challenging. The body responds to being challenged. If training is within our comfort zone the body will not improve as much as it can.

Training well also means incorporating as much variety as possible. Variety is a vital element to successful training. Many people do the same workouts day in day out. Repetitive exercise quickly becomes boring, and motivation drops fast. The body adapts to doing the same exercise within weeks, then plateau’s and stop’s responding.

2) Exercise Consistently

If training is irregular it is hard to achieve any significant progress. Aim for a minimum of three hours of exercise per week, every week.

3) Eat Well

If you want to lose weight, eating right is more important than exercise! It is not possible to cancel out poor diet with exercise. When eating right and exercise are combined, the body and fitness will change.


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