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Sit Ups Don’t Equal Great Abs

We all want a flat stomach, however doing thousands of sit-ups is not the answer.

Abdominal fat needs to be burnt, just like fat on other areas of the body.

A flat stomach is achieved through a combination of factors, being good diet, weight training and cardiovascular exercise.

Weight training builds muscle needed to burn off fat, as well as working our core strength. Cardio will burn fat from all over the body, including the stomach.

Eating right will mean we are less likely to gain fat, and burn body fat more easily. Diet is critical, as the expression goes ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’.

Sit-ups or crunches will help to strengthen our mid section, but should only be a small part of your overall training. On their own they will not change a flabby stomach.

A session of weight training or cardio will be far more beneficial for flattening the stomach than any sit-ups!


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