Weight Loss


If you want to lose weight then Sydney City Personal Training can help you! We have had great success with helping clients lose weight. Depending on our clients goals, we have helped people lose anywhere from few kilos up to life changing amounts of weight!

We have a passion for helping people lose weight, as we take great satisfaction from helping people change their bodies and health for the better.

Weight loss is challenging, but achievable for everybody. We help clients wanting to lose weight to establish good habits that will help them drop and maintain their weight long term.




To tone the body so it is firmer, tighter and smaller we need to decrease body fat. Everybody has a flat stomach, great arms, or a toned bum, it’s just that some people have more padding on top than others! Toning is removing excess body fat in order to reveal our natural shape.

Resistance or weight training is a great tool in toning and firming the body. Weight training is very effective in decreasing excess body fat.

Many people do not need to lose large amounts of weight, but may need to lose the last five or so kilogram’s of body fat. Our clients experience significant cm reductions over their entire body, and great muscle tone! Have a look at the Client Results section of our site.


Increased Cardiovascular Fitness


The benefits of improving cardiovascular fitness are vast, ranging from a stronger heart and lungs, to better sleep, more energy, reduced stress, and weight loss.

Improving our fitness is a goal we all should have!

Whether your fitness goals are modest or ambitious we can help you achieve them.


Increased Strength


Improving strength is important for both men and women. Being stronger has many benefits from improved posture, increased bone density, reducing potential for injury, to being better able to carry out daily functional movements.

Strength training should incorporate improving our core strength, the abdominal and lower back muscles of the trunk that support the spine and pelvis. Core stability is the foundation to good posture and overall strength for exercise and daily activity.

It is not uncommon for women to feel they lack in strength when having not trained before. Both men and women can significantly improve their overall strength with the right guidance.

Our clients experience great improvements in their overall strength, which compliments their training and daily lives.


Increased Muscle


Increasing muscle mass (Hypertrophy) is a challenging goal to achieve. To gain lean muscle takes hard work and discipline.

Hypertrophy training involves resistance or weight training where muscles are trained to fatigue in order for them to grow. It is vital to have the right direction and structure with this type of training in order for it to be affective.

We train and organize our clients so they achieve their maximum potential from hypertrophy training.


Boxing Training


Boxing is one of the most popular forms of training around. Exercise machines are great, but they can become monotonous and boring.

Boxing is popular because it’s stimulating and fun! It works the whole body, and will really challenge your fitness, whilst burning a lot of calories. It’s also great way to take out stress. If you are stressed at work and feel like punching someone, then you will love boxing!

Boxers are amongst the fittest athletes in the world, as their sport involves a unique mix of technique, strength, speed, and aggression.


Running Training


Whether you want to be able to run around the block, or run a Marathon, Sydney City Personal Training can help you improve your running.

Running is convenient, and one of the most effective forms of training available. We have trained a variety of clients ranging from people who have never run before, through to helping clients complete Half Marathons, and Marathons.

Running is challenging and rewarding, and anyone can do it!


Injury Rehabilitation


Injuries are a common part of life. Whether injuries are minor or more serious, it is possible to rehabilitate to our pre injury level, or even stronger than prior to injury. Sports injuries to the knee, ankle, shoulder etc are prevalent. It is important these injuries and joints are returned to full strength in order for them not to become chronic long-term issues.

Sydney City Personal Training has helped many clients with their injury rehabilitation and recovery, especially in the rehabilitation of ACL and PCL knee reconstructive surgery.

The rehabilitation of long-term overuse injuries and muscle weakness (e.g lower back weakness or pain) is another important rehabilitation issue we help our clients improve.


Dietary Guidance


Having a balanced, healthy diet is vital to achieving any training goal.

It is not possible to cancel out poor nutrition with exercise!

Crash diets do not work, are a waste of time, as well as being unhealthy. Any weight loss experienced with these diets is short term and unsustainable. We need to establish good eating habits that can be maintained long term.

Depending on your goals Sydney City Personal Training can help you establish healthy, sustainable dietary habits.


Individualized Programming


At Sydney City Personal Training we believe every client is unique, and as a result their training should be tailored to fit them. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’.

We tailor our training to match your lifestyle, time, age, gender, and goals.

We also know the importance of organizing training so our clients understand what exercise they need to do on their own, and how to do it effectively.

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