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Flexibility is an important aspect of our health and daily life, as it is needed for good posture and injury prevention.

Working in offices where we sit for many hours per week makes us very tight! Muscles are in contracted positions for long periods, and become tight. This can lead to postural problems and injuries. A major cause of lower back pain is tight, weak muscles.

Our body is like a chain. If one link of the chain is tight, it can affect other links in the chain. A tight muscle in one area of the body, can cause imbalances, pain or tightness in another part of the body.

Tight muscles are also a major cause of injuries during exercise. Many muscle strains, tears or major joint injuries are due to tightness.

Stretch regularly in order to avoid these problems. Stretching is simple and quick. Stretch before, during and after you train. Also stretch on the days your not exercising. Get in the habit stretching at least a few times per week. Stretching is like training, if you do it irregularly your flexibility wont improve.

Learn some simple stretches for muscles that are prone to tightness like the chest, calves, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and lower back. Stretching all these muscles will take no longer than five minutes.

Yoga is a great way to learn new stretching, or have a trainer show you some stretches.


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