I cannot recommend Sebastien highly enough as a personal trainer. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of strength and fitness training; but, what really sets him apart his no nonsense approach to training and dedication.

Since meeting Sebastien and starting my first PT session he has helped me realize what I have been doing wrong for so many years. Unless you are 100% committed to training you will not see results. Prior to training with Sebastien I couldn’t walk without being out of breath and hated exercise. Now 18 months on I am running and have lost nearly 30kg!

I have learnt a lot over that time, how to train, how to push yourself and also how important it is to do things the right way.

Without Sebastien I wouldn’t have achieved this.

I would with out doubt recommend Sebastien to any one who wants a better quality of living, to loose weight and become fitter, but most importantly to deliver the results you want.

~ Adam Ward

I would like to relay how wonderful a trainer Sebastien is. He has been excellent in helping me achieve my goals and developing my enthusiasm for training.

He is extremely knowledgeable about the body, and has helped me improve arm strength as my right arm had weakened after an elbow surgery. He has also helped me to lose over 15kg’s, and keep it off, which I don’t think I could have done on my own!

Sebastien excels at varying the routines so training never became monotonous. Additionally, even after months of training together he always pushes me very hard and makes sure exercises are always done correctly and that I continued to push myself.

It is a pleasure to train with him.

~ Rachel Markus

Sebastien has been my personal trainer for around a year and a half. He is very professional and supportive. His sessions are always well thought out, and he pushes me appropriately.

I have achieved my goals, and find that the level and intensity of our sessions is progressed at the correct pace. I never feel pushed too hard but I am always challenged!

Sebastien also sets clear challenges for the work-outs I undertake by myself, and he supports me outside of our personal training sessions.

I am very satisfied with the weight loss results I have achieved!

I always recommend Sebastien to my friends and work colleagues when they want personal training.

~ Shona Reeve (RGN)

I have trained with Sydney City Personal Training for 12 months, and I would highly recommend them.

With Sebastien’s training I have achieved all of the goals that I wanted. I didn’t need to lose weight, but did need to tone up as I headed into 40. Sebastien put together a program that was easy to follow, varied and motivating and his advice has completely changed my exercise routine.

Plus the results have been fantastic!

I’m now happy to wear short sleeve tops in summer, and the clothes that were getting tighter over the years now fit perfectly.

I’ve now realized I didn’t need to change my fashion as I got older, I just needed to change my exercise routine!

~ Sonia Allinson-Penny

I started training with Sebastien at Sydney City Personal Training over 2 years ago. After an initial assessment and a thorough discussion on my personal objectives, Sebastien was able to establish a program that would respond to my expectations. My training goal is to increase muscle and improve my overall strength.

We started off getting my body stronger, before really building up in size and shape. Sebastien is able to give me good advice, not only on nutrition but also on general health behaviour.

He appropriately varies his sessions according to my needs on the day and is also very adaptable. Each session is different from the previous one whilst always keeping my long-term objectives in mind.

I feel comfortable discussing any issues related to my training and development with Sebastien. It is clear to me that Sebastien has a very good knowledge of the human body and its functions. He is also very aware of the right position of the body during training in order to prevent injuries.

Sebastien is a personal trainer who is conscientious with his job and provides support and advice with high standards. He has a great sense of humour and good communication skills.

I would recommend Sebastien to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

~ Djamel Hamadache

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